5 HUGE wins for Phuket Top Team in April

30 Apr, 2013

Phuket Top Team has a HUGE weekend with more success coming to the gym.

A Big Saturday For Phuket Top Team - 4 big fights across the globe

25 Apr, 2013

MASSIVE weekend of action for 4 Phuket Top Team fighters!rnLooking for 4 big wins

After training camps at PTT international fighters all victorious!

21 Apr, 2013

Another huge weekend in MMA again shows Phuket Top Team and the success that we have been breeding.

Prof. Rodrigo Teixeira teaching & rolling at Phuket Top Team

17 Apr, 2013

Prof. Rodrigo Teixeira training in Thailand with Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp

Leg Lock Seminar Clips/Techniques & photos @ Phuket Top Team

12 Apr, 2013

Leg Lock Seminar technique videos and photos

PhuketTop Team's Adrew Leone set for ONE FC Manila

7 Apr, 2013

phuket top team fighter Andrew Leone ready for ONE FC Manila

Phuket Top Team/Integrated Martial Arts fighter Luke Jumeau set for Legend FC title fight April 27th

3 Apr, 2013

Phuket Top Team fighter Luke Jumeau fights for the Welterweight title April 27th!

2 More Russian fighters come to Phuket Top Team for MMA fight camps

3 Apr, 2013

The Russian connection is strong at Phuket Top Team MMA Training camp

Big month of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Phuket Top Team

1 Apr, 2013

A huge Brazilian Jiu Jitsu month for Phuket Top Team as the scene at PTT continues to grow!