Kru Robert Lek

Kru Robert Lek

Regional muay thai champion

Last known record 126 - 41 - 7

Kru Robert Lek has been teaching muay thai in Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and across the globe for the past 6 years. While Robert Lek is still under 26 he has an extensive muay thai training history.

Robert Lek has trained names such as Anthony Leone (Bellator) Andrew Leone (one fc and road fc) Rob Lisita (legend fc) Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn (muay thai legend & world champion) Roger Huerta (former ufc fighter)

A trainer with fantastic English and a very determined attitude to make fighters and students better each time he works with them.

Robert has trained and fought MMA and is happy working Muay Thai stand-up to suit MMA.