Fitness & Conditioning Camps in Phuket Thailand

17 Jan, 2015

Fitness & Conditioning training camps run for 1 and 3 months at Phuket Top Team in Thailand.

Phuket Top Team is now offering Fitness & Conditioning training camps.

1 and 3 month options.

The training camps incorporate beginner/intermediate level muay thai training for fitness, yoga for breathing/flexibility/core strength, strength & conditioning training and a detailed weight training resume to put into effect at Titan Fitness Gym.

The training works alongside 'Sabai Sabi Restaurant' to offer an optional healthy & fresh meal.

1 & 3 Month Training Camp

Monday       Cardio Session @Titan Fitness  9-10am, Conditioning  @PTT 3-4pm 

Tuesday     1on1 Yoga session  10-11am, Muay Thai  4-6pm

Wednesday  Cardio Session @Titan Fitness  9-10am, Functional S&C 3-4 @PTT

Thursday    Upper-Body sculpting weights @Titan Fitness  9-10am, Muay Thai  4-6pm

Friday         Muay Thai  5-7pm

Saturday    Yoga 9-10am , Lower-Body sculpting weights @Titan Fitness

Sunday       Relax & Beach Day

Includes full consultation with Fitness professional & a specific 'body sculpting' routines to suit your goals & needs

Healthy & Fresh Meal Plans  are also available via 'Sabai Sabai Restaurant' at Phuket Top Team.