2 Month MMA course

29 Jul, 2015

Phuket Top Team now offers students and eager prospects, the chance to finally test themselves and build to having a debut amateur MMA fight.

The course is designed for a student of MMA who would like to train intensely and test to see if they have what it takes to truly fight in MMA.

A two month course involving muay thai, boxing, bjj, wrestling, conditioning and MMA that leads a student through a full fight camp. The final outcome is a fully sanctioned Amateur MMA fight.
Amateur MMA means 6oz MMA gloves, 3 rounds x 3 minutes , head protection & shin pads.
Along with the ability to make a debut MMA fight, the student will also get to feel what it takes to do a typical 8 MMA training camp leading into a fight.

week 1-6
2 submission grappling classes
3 wrestling classes
3 muay thai Classes
1 MMA private (in the first 1-6 weeks)

week 7-8
2 submission grappling classes

1 pro MMA sparring class
3 wrestling classes

1 conditioning class
3 muay thai classes

week 8
2 submission grappling classes
3 pro MMA classes 

2 wrestling classes

2 muay thai classes
1 MMA private (in the last week)

(book and organise Amateur MMA fight)

2 Month MMA Course
8 week training camp ending in an amateur MMA debut fight.
23,000 Baht

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