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Strength & Conditioning with Coach Anna Ponomarenko

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Coach Anna comes to Phuket Top Team via Siberia.
Ann comes from a background as a Fitness Model & professional rock climber/rock climbing instructor.
Later focusing on Strength & Conditioning to develop specific attributes in athletes, utilizing cross training & Tabata training.


Specializing in rapid strength and cardio vascular development. Using cross training circuits designed to burn fat and gain lean muscle for an athletic build. Anna is a qualified & skilled nutritionist that can build a proper diet plan with supplements specifically for the individual. 

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Siberian Federal University – Physical Training Degree 2012


St. Petersburg Central Health – Certificate for Nutrition 2011

Certificate for Personal & Group Training from World Class Siberia 2012

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Fitness & Conditioning Camps in Phuket Thailand

Fitness & Conditioning Camps in Phuket Thailand 1

Phuket Top Team is now offering Fitness & Conditioning training camps.

1 and 3 month options.

The training camps incorporate beginner/intermediate level muay thai training for fitness, yoga for breathing/flexibility/core strength, strength & conditioning training and a detailed weight training resume to put into effect at Titan Fitness Gym.

The training works alongside ‘Sabai Sabi Restaurant’ to offer an optional healthy & fresh meal.

1 & 3 Month Training Camp

Monday       Cardio Session @Titan Fitness  9-10am, Conditioning  @PTT 3-4pm 

Tuesday     1on1 Yoga session  10-11am, Muay Thai  4-6pm

Wednesday  Cardio Session @Titan Fitness  9-10am, Functional S&C 3-4 @PTT

Thursday    Upper-Body sculpting weights @Titan Fitness  9-10am, Muay Thai  4-6pm

Friday         Muay Thai  5-7pm

Saturday    Yoga 9-10am , Lower-Body sculpting weights @Titan Fitness

Sunday       Relax & Beach Day

Includes full consultation with Fitness professional & a specific ‘body sculpting’ routines to suit your goals & needs


Healthy & Fresh Meal Plans  are also available via ‘Sabai Sabai Restaurant’ at Phuket Top Team.




Be Motivated to be discipline. Get Results

Running a gym and working directly with a world class team of Professional athletes in combat sport, i have seen the value of motivation.

I’m not writing from any institutional knowledge, just personal experience.  

The key to achieving any fitness goal is discipline.

From weight loss goals, martial arts belt promotion, lifting achievements to winning a professional fight or attaining a world championship title.

Discipline really is required. The discipline to do things physically & mentally, you may not want to do at the time.

I have found motivation to be one of the most important factors in being able to maintain discipline.

Ultimate motivationcomes from life experiences (death, struggle, family etc), but motivation must be daily andultimate motivationis reserved for the ultimate moment (pre-fight or pre any major event or possible achievement).

Daily motivation is also important, taking away the ‘daily grind’ and inputting some ‘visual or audio motivation’. Memories of past, aspirations of the future should always be motivational factors that remain in the back of your mind at all times.

It’s nice to have the ease to find motivation in others, it’s instant & draws from a place of no pressure.Ultimate Motivation(death, struggle, family etc.) comes with pressure, so how muchUltimate Motivationis something only the person can truly assess and know.

Some find ultimate motivation in God, family, tragic or unfortunate upbringings, death etc. 

These motivations come with pressure, you have to test your boundaries and find the right time and the right amount of ‘Ultimate Motivation‘ needed.

So then ‘Daily Motivation‘ becomes something that should hold no real pressure.

Music, video, sometimes a quote or a photo… Daily Motivationis important for creating the discipline needed to really achieve.

A photo of family, a favorite fighter, maybe a simple quote. 

(here are a couple of images from inside my office

Be Motivated to be discipline. Get Results 1 Be Motivated to be discipline. Get Results 2

The images & quotes serve mostly as a reminder to get myself motivated.

Find someone with a similar past, or a similar skill set, similar look or just someone who has achieved something you truly respect. 

Get videos maybe music or a feature highlight/documentary. These are a great form of Daily Motivation’.

Here’s an example of my daily motivation:

(Monday 10am, coffee being made and a couple of highlights streaming on the flat screen tv)

Paul Slowinski a.k.a “The Sting” – i came up watching Sting’s fights at 18/19 years old. He was training in Adelaide and fighting locally in Adelaide. Best of all, the event was 200m from my front door. I got to see leg kicks, devastating leg kicks. Hear them land and see the face of the receiver. “The Sting” was Australia’s best LHW/HW muay thai & K-1 fighter for a good stretch.

Usually half way into the video im kicking a chair, table leg or one of the kids (gently-i promise). Something about the low kick, The sting’s use of it and seeing it in person… it motivates the shit out of me.

-Side Note: Paul also worked security, i got into working security for a year or 2. The leg kick became a nice tool. Camera’s dont take kind to punches… I didnt have the kind of Samoan/Tongan or Maori hand, that can just SLAP a man into calming down.

So sometimes a solid quick leg kick, no harm done (just someone with the inability to walk up the 45 steps to get into the club).

The point is simple, visual and audio motivation is a great source of Daily and instant motivation. That motivation drives your discipline.

Rewards and results don’t land in your lap. It’s not ‘he was just gifted’.


At Phuket Top Team we like to use the term Champion lifestylebecause living like a champion is what anyone who wants to be one, has to first do.

Champions are being chased by the hungry, skilled and confident no.1 contender. Each no.1 wants what you have. Discipline allows you to keep it.


Carlson Gracie Jnr Seminar & the Kata Beach Bjj Open

Carlson Gracie Jnr Seminar & the Kata Beach Bjj Open 1

Carlson Gracie Jnr Seminar & the Kata Beach Bjj Open 2

(Limited Spaces)

Carlson Gracie Jnr is the son & 5th degree black belt of the late legend himself, Carlson Gracie.
The seminar is set for 2 hour seminar @1,800 baht

Carlson Gracie jiu jitsu was known for its effectiveness in mixedmartialarts (MMA) with both Carlson & Carlson Jnr proving it as well as making names like… PTT’s very own prof. #OlavoAbreu, Ricardo De La riva, Allan Goes, Murilo Bustamante, Mario Sperry, Wallid Ismail, Pablo Popovitch, Andre Pederneiras, Ricardo Liborio, Marcelo Saporito, Julio “Foca” Fernandez, Rodrigo Medeiros, Vitor Belfort, Miguel Angel Torres, Stephan Bonnar, Javier Vazquez, Carlos “Carlão” Santos, Carlos Barreto & more.

Carlson Gracie Jnr Seminar & the Kata Beach Bjj Open 3

Register Online Today