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Healthy Eating Meal Plan at Sabai Sabai Restaurant onsite at Phuket Top Team

The ‘Healthy Meal Plan’ is designed by qualified nutritionist Coach Anna .

Fresh, Healthy & tailored to meet the required needs to fuel the body adequately through your training.

Not only low in unwanted fats but also packed full of vitamins, minerals & pro-biotics.

At just 10,500 baht a month the meal plan is also focused on value!

(Equivalent to $325 USD / 290€ / 210£ )

Sabai Sabai Thai Fusion Restaurant at Phuket Top Team, has teamed up with Amantra Raw Kitchen. Combining healthy meals, raw energy snacks & protein to recover from your training.

Here’s how the 1 Month Healthy Meal Plan works:

1 x Raw Energy breakfast per day
2 x Balanced & full size meals per day
1 x Post training protein recovery shake per day

The Meal plan runs from Monday to Saturday allowing Sunday’s free to explore, enjoy & taste some of the many flavors from around the amazing island of Phuket.

Breakfast is your choice of one of the following optimal raw energy products:

healthy eating 1 healthy eating 2 healthy eating 3

healthy eating 4 healthy eating 5

Kickstart your day with one of these 4 delicious options

– Raw Banana and Maca Powder Bars
– Raw Almond Butter Coconut Balls
– Mango Goji Chia Seed Bars
– Hemp Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

healthy eating 6

Lunch and Dinner back at Sabai Sabai Restaurant, Onsite at Phuket Top Team.

Select from any of the fresh & nutritious menu options for your lunch and dinner.

healthy eating 7

healthy eating 8

And before closing time collect your Muscle recovery Muscltech protein shake, blended onsite & packed full of BCAA’s, creatine & whey protein isolate.

healthy eating 10healthy eating 9


10,500 baht a month


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1 Year to live the dream GAP YEAR SPECIAL

Phuket Top Team Mixed Martial Arts Training Camp is now offering a 1 year all inclusive package for training & accommodation.

PTT is a world class Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai gym based on the tropical island of Phuket, Thailand.

The gym offers 5/6 classes a day including Muay Thai, MMA, Wrestling, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Grappling, Conditioning and yoga classes.

The Onsite rooms mean motivation is only footsteps away, each and every day. Rooms are well secured & housed with like minded people.

Taking 1 year of your life to focus entirely on yourself, your fitness & your goals

The ‘Gap year special’ is a great option for anyone looking to achieve the following:

– Pursue the ability to compete as a professional in either Muay Thai or MMA.

– Simply to pursue 1 year of fitness, dedicated training and self growth (you do not need to be a fighter)

– Students who have stayed with PTT have graded belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, competed in multiple tournaments throughout the year & also achieved huge weight loss & fitness gains.

What you get:

  • Access to 5/6 classes per day (any of your choice, as many of your choice)
  • Classes include muay thai, Brazilian JiuJitsu, wrestling, mma, submission grappling and strength & conditioning
  • Training is 6 days a week all year round
  • Use of facilities including the conditioning & weight training equipment
  • onsite accommodation (budget onsite room) – Wifi, Fridge, Queen Size bed, hot water showers, toilet, Tv, dvd, cable tv access, safety box & closet
  • Anyone purchasing the package now can quote the Purchase Code #YouOnlyLiveOnce to receive a FREE Phuket Top Team NBA style Jersey

162,000 baht 1 year
equivalent of 13,500 baht per month for all classes & onsite accommodation for 12 months


cost of food (65,000 baht 12 month meal plan available at phuket top team = 30 meals & 30 protein shakes per month)

If you opt to eat elsewhere, meals are anywhere from 50-100 baht for the average thai meal (healthy & well sized) 

100-300 for dining restaurants or cafe meals

Scooter costs 3,000 baht per month

Visa applications for 12 month can be made with Phuket Top Team once payment is received.


Meal Plan


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