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Lerdsila PhuketTopTeam defeated Sok Thy in his ONE FC debut

Lerdsila PhuketTopTeam defeated Sok Thy in his ONE FC debut by split decision.
World class Muay Thai on display in this highly technical fight. Lerdsila was able to control the ring with Teeps, knees & kicks. Sok Thy showing some nice sweeps to close the scoring gap.
The decision goes to Lerdsila in his One Championship debut!

Sok Thy Holds a record of 221-36-12 & is 17 years younger than Lerdsila.
Another great challenge & another chance to shine for Lerdsila PTT.



Lerdsila PhuketTopTeam is one of the greatest fighters alive.
💥3x Rajadamnern Stadium Champion (across 3 weight classes)
💥4x World Muay Thai Champion (WMC, WPMF, WKN & WKC)
💥WLF Kickboxing World Champion
💥Hero Legends Kickboxing Champion
💥Lion Fight Muay Thai Champion

Erik “Goyito” Perez returns to PhuketTopTeam

Mexican UFC fighter Erik “Goyito” Perez (18-6) returns to PhuketTopTeam.
Riding a 4 fight win streak (including 3 in the UFC) the last being a knockout debut win on Combate Americas.
Goyito is working with Kru Nampon & Coach Eric Uresk, preparing for the next fight.
Kru Nampon is a 2 x WMC Muay Thai world champion & 1 x Rajadamnern champion.


It’s always an honor to have the top level UFC athletes consistently choose PhuketTopTeam to sharpen skills.

Flow technique from PhuketTopTeam Head Coach Eric Uresk

Awesome flow technique from PhuketTopTeam head MMA, Wrestling, Submission Grappling Coach Eric Uresk.

Starting from the rear waist lock, snap back the opponent to a bottom wrist ride.
Secure the chest to back & place the hook over top leg. Then using the free arm, create a post blocking the opponents free arm. Finally, secure the Kimura trap & pinch the knees for the Armbar finish.

Work gradually through the steps, watch the details & add this to your skill set.

Eric Uresk is a BJJ Black belt, Judo Black belt, Catch Wrestling Brown belt, elite level wrestler & professional MMA team head coach at Phuket Top Team.




‘Life Of A Fighter’ episode 1 – Ramona Pascual

‘Life Of A Fighter’ episode 1 – Ramona Pascual.

Ramona is a professional MMA Fighter for ROAD FC.
This series gives a true insight into some of the professional martial artists here at PhuketTopTeam.
The reality is not always smiles, victories & adoration. The life of a combat athlete is much harder than most will ever know. The path to becoming a champion is a path with regular setbacks.
With the right team & the right people around them, the true martial artist will always find a way to success.


Adrian ‘Hunter’ Pang vs Honorio ‘The Rock’ Banario in Manila, April 20th ONE FC

A clash of distinct styles as Adrian “Hunter” Pang pressed forward relentlessly against a tentative Honorio ‘The Rock’ Banario. Pang hunted a finish with hands, low kicks and heavy body work. Honorio used evasive footwork & snapped off some nice counter kicks. The decision did not go Pang’s way & we hear a possible review will be considered by ONE Championship.

At 40 yrs of age & once after a vicious street attack Pang was told he would not fight again. Defying the odds Pang returned with full health & some big One Championship wins…. we don’t think Pang is done just yet.

Pang once again was visiting PhuketTopTeam to prepare for this fight under the coach Eric Uresk.