7 Muay Thai wins with 7 finishes in 12 days, for Phuket Top Team


A busy fortnight of fight for Phuket Top Team. Picking up 7 wins with some nice knockouts.

In the past 14 days Phuket Top Team has picked up 7 solid wins, with all 7 fights ending via Knockout or TKO.

On the international stage Kru Leamthong travalled to Japan.
Leamthong picked up a solid win after a brutal spinning elbow & elbow barrage, causing a TKO doctors stoppage.

Steve “Panda” Banks flew to China for the huge Kunlun Fights 30 K-1 card.

The Heavyweight showed great skills, dominating with low kicks, flying knees, and brutal body kicks.

Dominating 3rnds against one of the top Chinese K-1 Heavyweights.



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In local fights, young Chinese fighter Meng Yu Picked up a quick Knockout win in Phuket.

After the early knockout Meng Yu decided he wanted to fight again quickly, in his second fight Meng Yu landed a devastating left hook scoring an even quicker Knockout win!

2 Knockouts in 2 weeks for Meng Yu.


Russian Female Katya PhuketTopTeam made her Muay Thai debut!

Katya came to Phuket Top Team with no prior Muay Thai experience, with hard work and dedication Katya was ready to make a huge step from absolute beginner to her deubt Muay Thai fight!

Congratulations to Katya on a huge step on the path to making Muay Thai part of your life.

Rounding off what was a big fortnight for Phuket Top Team, we had 2 more Chinese fighters making there Muay Thai debut’s in Thailand.

Both again scoring Knockout wins!

A Xiang and ‘Lele’ put in solid performances after training very hard at Phuket Top Team.



Congratulations to all those who trained hard and earnt the wins!