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Roberto Flamingo guest Kickboxing coach at PTT through March/April

Elite Kickboxing Coach Roberto Flamingo is coaching the Dutch Style Kickboxing classes at Phuket Top Team through March/April.

Every Tuesday and Thursday 3-4:30 PM.
Dutch Kickboxing brings a different style of aggression, hard hitting and explosive techniques.
As the Asian kickboxing and MMA scene is booming, Dutch style striking is becoming more in demand.

Great opportunity to work with a Kickboxing legend.

Roberto has coached Alistair Overeem, Tyrone Spong, Rashad Evans, Eddie Alvarez, Andy Ristie & many more.


Alistair used Roberto Flamingo as a personal striking coach. Together they had great success as Alistair became the Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion in 2007, K-1 Heavyweight Champion in 2010 and Dream Heavyweight Champion in the same year.


Vitaly Bigdash and James Vick putting in work together at PTT

Current & 2 x ONE FC Middleweight Champion Vitaly Bigdash (Russia) and 10-1 UFC top Lightweight contender James Vick (USA) putting in work together at Phuket Top Team under the guidance of Coach Eric Uresk .

🔥Wrestling at PhuketTopTeam 3 X’s Per week🔥
Mond/Wed/Frid. 9:30-10:30 AM

Eric is a Judo black belt, Catch Wrestling high level brown belt, high level BJJ brown belt, elite GrecoRoman Wrestler and Pro MMA Team Coach.

eric1 eric2 eric3

MMA coach Eric Uresk shows nice series of takedowns

PhuketTopTeam coach Eric Uresk (USA) shows a nice series of takedowns off the cage.
First video demonstrates Head pinch takedown, head pinch with knee shield takedown, head pinch with knee shield to Harai Goshi.

Second technique video is MuayThai Clinch Counter to Ippon Seonagi Judo throw for MMA, Wrestling, Bjj, NoGi, Submission Grappling.

Eric Uresk is a Judo Black belt, Catch Wrestling Brown belt, BJJ Brown belt, elite level wrestler & professional MMA team head coach at Phuket Top Team.

8-0 UFC Lightweight Felipe Silva joins PTT to sharpen his skills & work with the pro Team

Brazilian UFC Lightweight Felipe Silva joins Phuket Top Team to sharpen his skills & work with the pro Team.

Felipe Silva is Undefeated 8-0 fighter with 7 wins via finish. Here at PhuketTopTeam putting in work with legends Kru Pipa & Kru Lerdsila to add tools to his Muay Thai. Silva has established a reputation for exciting fights & relentless pressure.



Felipe is one of 6 UFC fighters currently here through Feb/March.