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Phuket Top Team is Shipping World Wide

Online MMA Shop is now stocking all things Phuket Top Team!

Huge range of Shirts, Jerseys, Muay Thai shorts, MMA shorts, compressions, rash guards, Gloves, shin pads, Hand wraps & much more! *Shipping World Wide*

We have sourced the best quality materials, printing craftsmanship for our clothing & equipment!
10% of ALL sales go directly to the Pro Fight Team Program at Phuket Top Team. Helping to provide equipment, insurance & marketing to professional full time combat athletes.

Represent in style with Phuket Top Team!

PPT fighter’s Rafael Fiziev Matrix Lean Back Video went viral

Rafael Fiziev PhuketTopTeam from Kyrgyzstan performed amazing Matrix Muay Thai Lean Back in his last fight against Thai top level fighter Sorgraw Petyindeeacademy at the Toyota Marathon show. Fiziev seemed to defy gravity & physics on the lean back. His head went below his waist and then straight back up into full posture. The technique happened right as the bell is sound.

For a couple of days this video became viral and got 2.7+ million Views and 29000 shares on Facebook, made Rafael famous all over the globe.

The ref jumped in because it was the end of the round, not because Fiziev unlocked some kind of cheat code. The bad news? Petyindeeacademy won the match. The good news? Fiziev’s move is the only thing people will remember from it.

The video of Fiziev embracing The Matrix effect was even shared by Dana White, the president of UFC.


Rafael is also 2-0 MMA fighter with some big fights coming up this year. Remember his name!

Talking about amazing Lean Back, it’s impossible not to mention Thai fighter Lerdsila PhuketTopTeam who just lives in The Matrix. Lerdsila showing the Lean Back in all of its glory!

At PTT we pride ourselves on an intelligent style of Muay Thai, Boxing & MMA striking – hit, hurt, avoid & counter.

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Carlson Gracie BJJ Invitational Tournament Friday Feb. 3rd

The Carlson Gracie BJJ Invitational is an IBJJF Rules Gi Tournament.

Held in memory of the late Carlson Gracie Snr (RIP 01/02/2017)

With Special Guest Carlson Gracie Jr.

Prizes will include medals, trophies, sponsored BJJ clothing & gift certificates!

350 Baht Entry Fee (Registration is required before Feb.02)

Compete with BJJ enthusiasts from all over the globe.

In memory of the late Carlson Gracie Sr, we will celebrate the life of the legend

with a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament.
10 Years since his passing & the impact will last forever.


photo-1-8-2559-be-4-51-14-pm photo-1-8-2559-be-5-01-25-pm


Jake Bingham – Male, White 75kg

Ole Johnny Eriksen – male, white 72kg

Anton Franchuk – Male, White 65kg

Alex Iakovlev – Male, white 65kg

TianYang Wu -Male, White 80kg

Doğukan Çınar – Male, White 80kg

Steven Trueblood – Male, white 85kg

Denis Untilov – Male, white 70kg

Kyle Deroo – Male, white 93kg

Saksurin – Male White 75kg

nicolai dalsklev – male, white 57kg

Yerlan Tleumbetov – Male, White 75kg

Hatim Qutob – Male, White 140kg

Scott Martin- Male, White 75kg

Brad Riddell – Male, white 81kg

Justin Grenier – Male, White 75kg

Sergey Rybalko – Male, Blue 65kg

Matias Farinelli – Male, Blue 70kg

ONUR TEKER – Male, Blut 84kg 

JP Mestanza – Male, Blue 86kg

Martin Gil – Male, Blue 75kg

Jonny Lippiatt -Male, Blue 84kg

Michael Wieteska – Male, Blue 87kg

Mehdi Riahi – Male, blue 87kg

Garrett Zemlak – Male, Blue 100kg

Piotr Pajak – Male, Blue 80kg

Daygo Tabosa – Male, Purple 68kg

Vic Dorfman – Male, Purple 83kg

Daygo Tabosa – Male, Purple 72kg

DiegoDi Yule – Male, Purple 76kg

Tarek Suleiman – Male, Purple 90kg

Christophe Vandijck – Male, Purple 90kg

Alexandre Morvan – Male, Purple 92kg

Marcelo Tenorio – Male, Brown 106kg

Igor Lunyakov – Male, Brown 100kg

Victor Forsberg – Male, Brown 85kg

Melodie Ghani – Female, White 48kg

Yanina Anton – Female, Blue 57kg

mallory martin – Female, blue 57kg

Bethany Grace Birch – Female, Blue 78kg 

Anggieane Nauli – Female, White 48kg

ONE FC Middleweight Champion Vitaly Bigdash defends his middleweight title

ONE Championship Middleweight Champion Vitaly Bigdash (Russia) defended his middleweight title on the Main Event Bigdash vs Aung La N Sang January 14th Jakarta.
Still the champ, still undefeated! Vitaly dominated all fight with heavy kicks, controlling clinch, takedowns with brutal elbows. Now undefeated 9-0.

Check out the Fight Video. This is what heart and determination look like when they combine with skill, hardwork & dedication.

Vitaly Bigdash has put in a great camp with Phuket Top Team and we are very very proud to see he took the belt home again!

Bigdash has wokred with MMA Head coach Eric Uresk, the Thai trainers & The NY Bad Ass Phil Baroni.

bigdash bigdash2

Exclusive Dutch Kickboxing techniques

The Dutch Style Kickboxing program at Phuket Top Team with coach Pascal “The German” Schroth is run 2 X’s per week.
💥 Tuesday & Thursday 3 – 4 pm 💥
Drills, structured partner sparring & high tempo striking.
Find below some exclusive techniques and great combos from coach Pascal. Drill it and make it work for you.

1. Body/ Head/ Low Kick Drill

2. Inside low kick, rear knee, Hook, switch footwork & outside low kick.

Pascal is a professional kickboxer & Current K-1 Germany Champion. Pascal has won his last 5 fights 3 via KO.

Hope everyone enjoyed Christmas and New Years… Don’t wait for your ‘special day’ to get after your goals. No better time than now.