Healthy Eating Meal Plan at Sabai Sabai Restaurant onsite at Phuket Top Team

The ‘Healthy Meal Plan’ is designed by qualified nutritionist Coach Anna .

Fresh, Healthy & tailored to meet the required needs to fuel the body adequately through your training.

Not only low in unwanted fats but also packed full of vitamins, minerals & pro-biotics.

At just 10,500 baht a month the meal plan is also focused on value!

(Equivalent to $325 USD / 290€ / 210£ )

Sabai Sabai Thai Fusion Restaurant at Phuket Top Team, has teamed up with Amantra Raw Kitchen. Combining healthy meals, raw energy snacks & protein to recover from your training.

Here’s how the 1 Month Healthy Meal Plan works:

1 x Raw Energy breakfast per day
2 x Balanced & full size meals per day
1 x Post training protein recovery shake per day

The Meal plan runs from Monday to Saturday allowing Sunday’s free to explore, enjoy & taste some of the many flavors from around the amazing island of Phuket.

Breakfast is your choice of one of the following optimal raw energy products:

healthy eating 1 healthy eating 2 healthy eating 3

healthy eating 4 healthy eating 5

Kickstart your day with one of these 4 delicious options

– Raw Banana and Maca Powder Bars
– Raw Almond Butter Coconut Balls
– Mango Goji Chia Seed Bars
– Hemp Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

healthy eating 6

Lunch and Dinner back at Sabai Sabai Restaurant, Onsite at Phuket Top Team.

Select from any of the fresh & nutritious menu options for your lunch and dinner.

healthy eating 7

healthy eating 8

And before closing time collect your Muscle recovery Muscltech protein shake, blended onsite & packed full of BCAA’s, creatine & whey protein isolate.

healthy eating 10healthy eating 9


10,500 baht a month


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