Muay Thai pad holder certified training course

Signing up and taking part in the course involves One month of intense 1 on 1 training under one of our veteran Muay Thai trainers.

The course involves 12 sessions one hour per session with our trainer one on one. During this time students will learn techniques, combinations, how to structure a training session, thai language for techniques and a brief understanding of muay thai as a culture and respecting a trainer/student and equipment.

On completion students will be tested on there Thai pad holding skills with the trainer hitting the pads of the student.

A Clip of Kru Daeng working pads with 2 x World Champion Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn

And here is a great clip of a Non-Thai pad holder Kru Grant Sandow who was able to train his pad holding skills with us to the point of being a skilled pad holder for Thai & Non-Thai fighters & students.


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