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13-0 PRO MMA WINNING Streak for Phuket Top Team in the past 3 months!

WOW what a 3 months it has been for Phuket Top Team (who just recently turned 2 years old) Recently...[ read more ]

Female MMA Fighter 11-5 Pro – Angela Magana fight camp at PTT

Female MMA fighter and Womens MMA pioneer Angela Magana has come to Phuket Top Team to prepare for her XFC Straw-weight title...[ read more ]

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Phuket Top Team’s Newest Pro MMA Fight Team Member

Phuket Top Team has a stacked fight team, one of if not the strongest in Asia. With fighters in Bellator,...[ read more ]

Professional MMA Fighters WE WANT YOU!

The offer is simple... Phuket Top Team is one of the top MMA team's in Asia, with a current success...[ read more ]

10-0 Pro MMA for Phuket Top Team in the past 8 weeks!

Phuket Top Team continues to show we are the busiest MMA gym in Asia, what matters most is not how...[ read more ]

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