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Fighting as a Hunter

Fighting as seen through the spectators eyes - is just that.....a spectacle.  A short, sharp, tiny microcosm of the truth behind the...[ read more ]

Anthony Leone – Bellator December 9th

December 9th will be a huge day for Anthony Leone (11-5) and also for Phuket Top Team.     The...[ read more ]

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Phuket Top Team representing fighter Gianni Subba gets the ONE FC win!

ONE FC 6 'Rise Of The Kings' saw the young and ambitious Gianni Subba from Malaysia and Monarchy Gym.... Gianni...[ read more ]

Thailand's no.1 BJJ /Grappling championship is just around the corner.   Phuket Top Team is looking to represent well and...[ read more ]


Carlson Gracie Jnr Seminar at Phuket Top Team

Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is often regarded as the father of 'fighting' Jiu-Jitsu. An aggressive form of Jiu-Jitsu built for Vale...[ read more ]

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