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Phuket Open #01 (Friday Dec.7th) Register now to compete!

Phuket Top Team will play host to the first Phuket Open Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Submission Grappling tournament. The first tournament...[ read more ]


JMMA in the house at Phuket Top Team

- 2 legends of JMMA (Japanese MMA) are set to drop into Phuket Top Team for training and a seminar....[ read more ]


Fights on the horizon

Phuket Top Team has proven itself to be a gym where fighters are grown and developed into champions. December, January...[ read more ]


Fighting as a Hunter

Fighting as seen through the spectators eyes - is just that.....a spectacle.  A short, sharp, tiny microcosm of the truth behind the...[ read more ]

Anthony Leone – Bellator December 9th

December 9th will be a huge day for Anthony Leone (11-5) and also for Phuket Top Team.     The...[ read more ]

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