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Kickboxer Phuket Season One

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155lbs/70kg Fighters can apply with Name, height, weight, record, video links & HD Photo to:


(Fighters must be available in Phuket July 1st-August 1st)
The 4 selected fighters will receive accommodation, food and training during the tournament & reality show filming.
The fighters must make weight just 1 time in the first round of fights.


The winner of the 4 man reality show will receive the following:

  • 1 year sponsored training with Phuket Top Team
  • 1 year accommodation with Phuket Top Team
  • Multi Fight contract with Kunlun Fight
  • Multi Fight contract with ALL STAR FIGHT

The reality show will be broadcast worldwide, offering a huge platform for the 4 selected fighters!


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Dutch Kickboxing at Phuket Top Team!

Phuket Top Team introduces Dutch Style Kickboxing to our already stacked timetable.

Dutch Kickboxing brings a different style of aggression, hard hitting and explosive techniques.

As the Asian kickboxing and MMA scene is booming, Dutch style striking is becoming more in demand.

The Elite Dutch Kickboxing program at Phuket Top Team will be under Coach Roberto Flamingo.


Roberto Flamingo was a professional Kickboxer and later a coach.

Coaching and working with fighters such as Tyrone Spong, Rashad Evans, Eddie Alvarez, Andy Ristie & Alistair Overeem.

Alistair used Roberto Flamingo as a personal striking coach. Together they had great success as Alistair became the Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion in 2007, K-1 Heavyweight Champion in 2010 and Dream Heavyweight Champion in the same year.

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Coach & Fighter Pascal Schroth is assisting in running the Elite Dutch Kickboxing program.

Pascal is a student of Roberto Flamingo & professional kickboxer & Current K-1 Germany Champion.