What Do I Need To Bring & Where To Buy Gear ?

Basically clothing and your personal favorite items is all you should need. Thailand is cheap and no doubt you will end up buying a lot of things while you're out here. Protein is sometimes expensive here, so maybe bring your own. Otherwise don't worry there are still supplement shops out here. Training gear such as gloves, shin pads etc are fine to bring, however Thailand is a great place to buy these items at next to wholesale rates. Muay Thai and MMA gear can be purchased at the gym from a selection of Fairtex/Twins and Phuket Top Team brands.

Do I Need To Speak Thai ?

English is a mandatory language in Thai schools, so most local Thai people speak and/or understand some English. If you wanted to learn basics it is considered very polite and will help you on your stay. If you would like to study Thai there are two schools in Chalong (signing up to a learning Thai course can also get you a 1 year visa – without the need to leave the country).

Can I Fight Professional MMA Or Muay Thai While In Thailand?

Absolutely, Phuket Top Team has an MMA and Muay thai fight team, as well as a bjj competition team. For those who show dedication and talent in either MMA or Muay Thai there may be possibilities to become a Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp – fighter. This can be anything from Free training up to Free Training, rent assistance and booking you fights in Thailand and across the globe. Phuket Top Team has established contacts and promoters that allow us to book fights from Thailand, Singapore, China, Macau, Hong Kong, Australia and many more Countries- MMA, Muay Thai, K1 and Boxing fights can be found and booked for you worldwide. We have fighters here NOW that are flying across the globe to pursue their dreams in fights we have booked for them.

What Level Of Skill And Fitness Do I Need To Come With?

We are catering for ALL skill levels, the only thing we require is dedication and a strong work ethic. Fitness is something you will need a certain level of. Obviously the fitter you are the better it will be to adapt and learn, however we are also here to build people up and create fit, skilled athletes. To keep it simple – if you can run 5km then your fit enough to begin !

How Do I Organise Staying Longer / Getting Visa ?

The Visa laws seem to change so often there is no single answer. Basically it depends on what country you are coming from (certain countries can get a 1 year visa before they come out) Upon arriving in Bangkok or Phuket, you will be issued a 30 day tourist visa if you did not acquire one before leaving your home country. When your 30 days are over, you will be required to leave and re-enter Thailand in order to stay for another 15 days to 3 months. Studying Muay thai and studying the Thai language is a great way to get a 1 year visa. www.thaivisa.com is a great site to get up-to-date information on Visa extensions and applications. Visa runs can be made easily to Burma, Malaysia, Singapore and even Cambodia / Laos / Vietnam. Phuket Top Team offer a Visa Run service via the gym (1,300 baht for the 15 days extension and 3,700 for a 3 month extension)

Where Can I Eat Nearby The Camp ?

Phuket Top Team MMA Training camp does not have an on site restaurant. Our focus is on the training facilities. The name of the street Phuket Top Team resides on is Soi Tadied, this street currently has 9/10 restaurants or bungalows with attached restaurants that offer Western food, thai food, as well as offering healthy fighters meals. There is no “set” meal plans with Phuket Top Team. This means you are free to eat where you want and when, so you do not find yourself bored of the same menu after a week or so. With so many healthy meal options at very good prices, within walking distance – there will be no disappointment with people’s desires to eat well on a budget.

Where Can I Use The Internet/ Do Laundry And Rent A Motorbike ?

Wi-Fi internet is available at the camp free of charge, just ask for the network key in the office. There are many internet cafe’s and Wi-Fi Hotspots around Phuket. Internet cafe’s are cheap and usually have very fast connection. Motorbikes can be rented through the camp and virtually anywhere around the island. A valid passport and drivers license is required. Laundry service is available at the camp and very affordable. Write your name on a piece of paper and put it in a bag with your clothes and they will be returned, pressed and folded, within 1-2 days.

Can I Have A Real Muay Thai Or Mma Fight In Thailand ?

Simple answer is YES. there are 3 stadiums in Phuket and many outside of Phuket. Phuket Top Team is willing to train people to be ready for professional fights and then book and corner them through the process. For those looking to expand their career we can help book fights in Phuket and beyond – in particular Bangkok (the home of champions) MMA is an expanding sport with some big events held in surrounding countries such as the Philippines, Singapore, China, Japan as well as Dubai, Russia, Australia, England and of course the U.S. Phuket Top Team is now an official member of the ONE FC network of MMA promotions – meaning our fighters now fight for events ALL over Asia including those broadcast on TV and ESPN Asia.

Can i come and just do a private session?

So this topic has brought alot of questions. We have a policy of 'members only' (with the minimum membership being 1 week) We dont do this in order to try to get money from you & we also understand you may go elsewhere to do your private. We have this policy to ensure we keep a family/team feel at the gym. Also this prevents our trainers from ONLY wanting to work for privates, thus ensuring the maximum quality of our classes. Trainers understand that students have to get 100% attention in classes, so the trainer doesnt only focus on their private session students.

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