Meal Plan

Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp now has a small but fully equipped restaurant / protein bar

The restaurant is open 11am - 7:30 pm
Serving up traditional thai food, thai-western fusion (not so spicy) and regular western meals

Meal Plans are on a card with 20 meals & 10 protein shakes.

Meal Plan

For those interested in the convenience & discounted pricing of a Meal Plan, we are offering a deal:

20 individual meals + 10 protein shakes

You will receive a card allowing you 20 meals and 10 protein shakes (valid for 1 month)

Discounted to the price of only 5,000 baht

Lunch Meals inlcude chicken, pork or vegetarian options + fruit.

Dinner Meals include chicken, pork, seafood or vegetarian options.

Protein Shakes are Vanilla or Chocolate with or without milk. Blended fresh.

Brunch / Lunch

  • 2 egg omelette 
  • Chicken omelette 
  • Scrambled Egg & Chicken 
  • Green Curry chicken & rice
  • Pad Thai
  • Basic Heathy/Fresh Thai meals cooked to your requested specifications of sweet/spicy/sour 

Main Meals.

  • Green Curry ( Chicken , pork or Beef, Veg ) 
  • Penang curry ( Chicken , pork or Beef, Veg)
  • Chicken Steak & vegetables 
  • Pork Steak & Vegetables 
  • Pad Thai 
  • Fried Rice with Chicken & Vegetables 
  • Massaman Curry ( Chicken or pork) 
  • Seasoned Vegetables + Rice 
  • Basic Fresh and Healthy Thai meals cooked to your specifications of sweet/spicy/sour
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